1. Students should not be kept away from school except due to illness. Children often miss important work when they are absent. Tuitions can never really make up for class work missed.

2. If an appointment during school hours is made with a doctor, the student must not be sent to school on that day.

3. Attending wedding and other functions outside the station during school time interferes with the routine and school discipline. Parents are requested not to take students with them to attend these functions.

4. The Principal reserves the right to refuse leave of absence for religious festivals, weddings and other ceremonies at home,if it interferes with the students work in the school or the school discipline.

5. Parents are requested to adjust their programme of leaving the station, so as to coincide with the holidays of the school and thus reduce to an absolute minimum the need for absence on school days which is always detrimental to the smooth running and discipline of the school.

6. In case of sickness, intimation must be given to the office immediately. Absence over three days requires a fitness and medical certificate.

7. No child may leave the school premises during the working hours of the school without the permission of the Principal.

8. The date of opening and closing of the school must be strictly observed.

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