Fee Refund Policy:

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    School Fee Payment, Refund and Withdrawal Policy

    (For information and acknowledgement of all parents and guardians)

    For the general information of the parents, guardians, wards, students and finance office the present School Fee Payment, Refund and Withdrawal Policy 2020-2021 & thereafter shall come into force and operation from January 01, 2021.

    Application Fee
    • A non-refundable non-transferable application fee must be submitted at the time of application.

    Security Deposit/Caution Money
    • The School requires a security deposit/caution money to confirm the placement of any child or children.
    • One Deposit per child is required.
    • The deposit is fully refundable when the student leaves the school, without any interest on demand, if all accounts have been settled in full, all school property returned without damage and required written notice submitted two months in advance of the child’s last day of school (holidays excluded).
    • The security deposit/caution money so deposited is refundable, provided further subject to payment of the particular quarter course fee and No Due Certificate and shall be given along with the Transfer Certificate.
    • The deposit is not refundable if the student does not attend the school after an enrolment place has been offered or the remaining tuition fees is not enough to cover the three months’ notice period.
    Enrolment Fee
    • A one -time non- refundable enrolment fee is required for all students upon their enrolment confirmation.
    Admission and Registration Fee:
    • Admission and Registration Fees once paid to the School will not be refunded under any circumstances or for any reason whatsoever, including where a student withdraws or communicates his or her intention not to attend the school at any time before scheduled commencement of the academic year or where after joining the school, the student withdraws admission or leaves the school before the end of that academic year;
    • Abandoned rights of the student, by the student or his parent, guardian to leave the school without written information will not be entitled to any refund.
    • If a student withdraws his or her admission at any time before scheduled commencement of term the refund if any, of the Tuition and Term fee would be payable by Cheque only by the School and shall be subject to the following:
                        *If a student withdraws admission before 15 working days of the scheduled date of                      commencement of term, 100% Tuition and Term Fee shall be refunded
                     *If a student withdraws admission less than 15 working days of the scheduled date of commencement                      of term then 50% of the respective quarter’s Tuition and Term fees will be refunded.
    • After commencement of the academic year if a student joins the classes and withdraws in between the session, the academic fee and other charge/fees shall not be refunded under any circumstances. And if a student withdraws admission or leaves the school before the end of the quarter, for any reason, all unpaid fees must be paid for that particular quarter.
    Tuition Fee:
    • The tuition fee varies according to year level as shown in each school year’s tuition fee chart.
    • Tuition fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis (referred to three months cycle or quarter) for new students who enroll after the commencement of the academic term.
    • Once a student joins the school, full fees are charged until the student leaves the school. There are no refunds for periods of absence from the school.
    • Two months’ notice of withdrawal in writing of the child’s last day of school (holidays excluded)must be given or three months fees will be paid in lieu of the notice. Parents must ensure that written acknowledgement is received from the school following notice of withdrawal.
    Examination Fees:
    • Fees for external examinations, for the requisite Levels, if any, will be charged separately as per fee rates of the examination board.
    School Reports:
    • One copy of the student’s school report, public exam certificate, teacher’s reference letter and/ or school’s recommendation form will be given only if all the accounts have been settled before the student leaves the school.
    • Additional charge will be applied for each extra copy of school reports.
    Fee Refund and Withdrawal Policy Additions:
    • The original tax receipt must be returned to the school when refund is requested. No Refund can be made without returning the original tax receipt.
    • Refund will be reimbursed to the payer through Cheque payment only. Refunds are payable within 15 working days after the student leaves the school.
    • These refund rules and policies shall be applicable to a student who is expelled from the school on the basis of any disciplinary action by the school management.
    Tax Receipt:
    • Once the new academic year starts, the school cannot issue the tax receipt for previous academic years.
    • Lost tax receipts cannot be reissued, but a chopped copy could be offered.
    Fee Payment Schedule:
    • Tuition and all other fees must be paid by the due date as per the schedule or announcements from time to time. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if fees are not paid before classes commence.
    Fee Payment Method:
    • All new admission fees payments to done only through online through student portal
    •Regular ones either by student’s portal or can download the fees chellan from the portal and pay it in the Bank. To ensure proper credit, a copy of the bank transfer remittance slip must be scanned and sent to the Finance office email account at: feesinfo@hutchings.in
    Fee Payment Notice:
    • The fees challan is issued in INR only;
    • All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.
    Late Payment of Fees:
    • Payments not received by any due date will be considered overdue and the school will charge Rupees twenty per day as late payment penalty. If fees are not paid on time, the school has the right to refuse attendance of the student at school and /or withhold student reports/transcripts.
    • Overdue and outstanding fees for over a period of 03 months, and after the written notice of information, shall entail appropriate action by the school
    All disputes or if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the city and district of Pune, Maharashtra.
    • The School reserves the right to amend its policies and revise the fee structure whenever considered necessary and appropriate. The School makes these policies available to parents through the school website. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that they are informed and aware of basic school policies.
    Note: These are internal policies and rules pertaining to fees charged by the School in accordance with the laws and does not construe any charge/fee/donation or otherwise in the form of capitation fee. No capitation fee is levied or charged by the School.>
    I hereby confirm my acceptance of the school place (s) offered for my child (children) and will arrange payment of all the fees within school guidelines. I have read and understood the payment terms laid out above and accept these terms and conditions.
    Acknowledgment and ‘I agree’ to the terms and conditions will entitle the parent/guardian to initiate and process the fee payment on the portal.


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